3 main reasons why you need antivirus software installed on your computer


Computer security and protection is highly important. This is the first thing that you should do each time you buy a new computer or even change your operating system. The simplest way of ensuring that your computer is always protected is by ensuring that you install the best antivirus software in the market. There are various advantages to having an antivirus software. The best part about it is that some antivirus software are actually free. In fact, for windows operating system they have an inbuilt antivirus known as Windows defender. It is however advisable to add an extra antivirus for full protection.

Why install an antivirus

There are various benefits associated to having an antivirus. Some of the main reasons and advantages of having an antivirus program include;

  • Phishing protection- phishing is one of the various methods that hackers use to get your personal and security details. With the right antivirus program, these phishing sites are usually blocked and the user is notified on the danger of the accessing the site.


  • Better performance- viruses and malware tend to cause slowing down of the computer. When these unwanted programs or threats are allowed to exist freely, your computer starts operating slowly and some files tend to disappear. Apart from that, some viruses can even corrupt your hard disk permanently.
  • Spyware- spy ware have the ability of running in the background without being detected. This means that someone will be able to watch and access your details with ease. Having an antivirus helps delete these spyware programs.

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  1. Ashwaq Hilal
    Ashwaq Hilal says:

    This is one of the most convincing article I have read. I will share this to my siblings who dont want to use AVs in their phones and laptops. I am an avid user of ESET Antivirus by the way


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