John-CoxThe world today is referred to as the digital age since everything is just a click away. The best part about it is that it is still growing at a fast rate with new developments. With this growth also comes threats. This is the reason as to why cybercrime has highly increased over the years. Aire software plays its role towards the elimination and preventions of these threats by providing antivirus programs.

Our programs have been developed by a team of experts that are highly experienced in the field of computer security. We have three main programs that are developed to meet the demands of our customers. We know the types of threats that computer users face. All our programs have the capability to protect you from viruses, malware, spyware, hackers and phishing sites.

By properly testing our products, we assure our clients of maximum protection from threats. The programs have been tested by a variety of sites and has been able to score high points in security. We ensure that we constantly update our virus database in order to protect you from the new threats. This protection is available both online and offline in real time. As opposed to our competitors, our programs have been created to be compatible with all operating systems and do not overwork the computer.