Aire software is a company that specializes in antiviruses. We have three main antivirus programs to protect your computer. All these programs have been tested and are fully functional. They will be able to provide maximum protection. The three main types of antivirus software are as follows;

Aire standard security


This antivirus program is perfectly suited for personal P.C’s. The program is compatible with both windows and mac devices. You will be protected from viruses, malware, spyware and other online threats. When performing online transactions your details will be properly protected. The software goes for $20.

Aire premium protection


The main difference between this software and the standard security program is that is has the ability to protect various devices under one subscriptions. This program is perfect for small businesses and homes that have more than one device. It is also compatible with mac and windows devices. The program is available at $26

Aire plus


This programs is perfect for larger scale businesses and organizations. It offers full computer protection and will be able to help you secure your business details. With the program you will be able to get 10 GB free space of online storage. This provides you a secure place to back up your data. The programs is available for $36.

These are the main antivirus programs that we have to offer. We assure all our customers of maximum protection both offline and online. The best part about our programs is that they are highly affordable and compatible with all devices.