How to Save Money on Bitdefender 2018

As a security program, the new Bitdefender 2018 is surely worth the crown it wears. In most antivirus lab tests conducted over past few months, the latest edition has mostly scored the highest and even in the rest of the test modules, the scores were comparatively higher. If you had been planning on getting a new security program and is confused on the company names, we would recommend for a starter. The price tag might seem little higher but it’s totally worth it and later on, no one regrets investing on Bitdefender 2018.


Before pulling the tricks for saving money on Bitdefener off the sleeves, first we would like to point the spotlight on the pricing first. This should give an image of how ‘costly’ the software actually is, and might even change few minds on investment on this program.

A single license version for the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus costs $39.95 yearly, and for three licenses the cost is $59.95 per year. This figure goes up as the number of licenses increase.

If only an antivirus module doesn’t seem enough, then there’s the Bitdefender Total Security suite with all necessary modules in a compact package, which costs only $69.95 per year for one license and $89.95 for three licenses.

And for Bitdefender Internet Security which offers lesser modules than the Total Security, yet highly focused towards the basic security and network security on a computer system. The pricing is only $10 less than the total security edition – $59.95 per year for single license and $79.96 per year for three licenses.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

To spend no money yet ensure the most basic of security features on a computer, one may want to get the free antivirus from Bitdefender. Usually, when the Internet Security or Total Security editions are installed, the Antivirus is available as a separate module on that program’s main interface. But for the free antivirus, this acts as a discrete program. Many features would be missing, but there’s no compromise with the real time protection shield which keeps a computer safe from any sort of malware threats.

To scan a specific file or folder using the free Bitdefender Antivirus, one could simply right click on that file or folder and select for a scan. Or relying on the autopilot mode to take care is another available option, there’s no option for a specific scan from the free antivirus interface. But this way, one could save money on Bitdefender antivirus.

Coupon Codes

Affiliate codes are available in different websites. They could offer greater percentages on the actual license pricing, thus the price will go down. This way, someone willing to get Bitdefender protection for their computers can save a whole lot. Ask for coupon codes if you have found an affiliate with Bitdefender. In this holiday seasons, these coupons are very much available.

Holiday Discounts

Few online stores might be offering discounts for this holiday seasons. Also, versions from previous year might go on discount, but getting a backdated software would be pointless. Thus, we recommend looking for holiday discounts.


Bitdefender antivirus is worth every penny, the investment won’t go in vain.

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