How to Scan Files using Bitdefender Antivirus

We assume you have already installed a Bitdefender antimalware program on your computer, hence we would skip the purchase and download parts and keep it to scanning the programs only. Bitdefender is currently one of the world’s best three antivirus programs and constantly holding the position within this top ranking, which is certainly an outcome of customer satisfaction. User interface on the Bitdefender Antivirus or other Bitdefender security suites are very straightforward and simple. To scan a file or folder for viruses, user needs to have an antivirus module installed. The free version of Bitdefender Antivirus slightly differs from the way of scanning on paid version of the same module.

bitdefender scan option

How to Scan a File or Folder

There are plenty of ways one can get there. However, the easiest way to scan a specific file or folder via Bitdefender Antivirus is to right clicking on the file or folder itself, and select the option ‘Scan with Bitdefender’ from there. Antivirus Scan wizard screen will appear on the screen and the user can follow the steps as mentioned to complete the scan.

This method of scanning is usually effective on cases such as, you have a file or folder in some storage media and you want it scanned for infection threats. Files from internet are prime suspects for this case. Also, network files being shared over a common network might get infected from some PCs. In all these cases, one can simply scan a file or folder using this method.

How to Scan a Whole System

The full system scan needs to be launched from the Bitdefender Antivirus user interface itself. However, this feature may not be available on the free version of Bitdefender Antivirus. On all other versions, open the Bitdefender security software window and open the Antivirus module on that suite. Later on, click on the prominent Scan Now button, select the Full System Scan option from the drop down menu nearby.

Upon doing this, Antivirus Scan wizard will launch and perform the scan. Bear with the process as it could take a long time. Once done, the user will be presented with infected file stats.

Custom Scan Task

On the high-end versions of Bitdefender Antivirus scan module, one can avail the custom scan task feature. This way, user can select the destination files and folders to be scanned, configured other options and determine if they want to shut down the computer after the scanning finishes.

To create a custom scan task, user needs to open the Bitdefender Antivirus panel, click on Scan Now and select Custom Scan from the nearby drop down menu. The ‘Add Target’ button would select the files or folders to be scanned under the Custom Scan scheme, and other options could be configured from ‘Scan Options’. Check Shutdown Computer option if you want the PC to shut down on its own.

To initiate this scan, click on Start Scan.


To avail all these features, a paid version of Bitdefender Antivirus is necessary. The free version still protects the system though; via its Autopilot feature.

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