How to Set up Bitdefender Bootable Disk

Bitdefender antimalware programs are topping the AV tests for last few years, and the consumer level trust is very satisfactory as well. An anti-program on a computer system is required for protection against threats, but at times the PC itself might just deny to start. Infections can spread to the boot level where the computer starts up infected, and the infection spreads on the PC every time you turn it on. In many cases, say for a ransomware the PC might not even start or your files may not be accessible unless you pay your files’ “kidnapper” a handsome amount.

Bitdefender Bootable Disk

In any such cases, having a rescue CD could save your day. Indeed, the making of might require some guidelines but once you have a disk ready, you are free from the risk of completely losing your files to some anonymous creepy hacker.


A rescue disk for Bitdefender Antivirus 2016 could be made on different storage media. The most common formats of rescue disks are usually made on – typical CD or DVD disks, USB flash drive, or a remote location which you could for a secure recovery mode startup.

Set up Bitdefender Rescue disk:

Processes are illustrated for each of the storage media mentioned above –

On a Bootable CD or DVD

To create a bootable Bitdefender Rescue CD or DVD, the first requirement is to have a writeable CD or DVD disk. They vary in quality and for a sensitive rescue CD, we recommend the users use the best quality available. However, even the best quality CD wouldn’t cost more than a dollar so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Once the optical disk is managed, the next step is to download the ISO image of Bitdefender rescue file onto a computer. The ISO file could be downloaded from Bitdefender’s dedicated download page. This would take few minutes, depending on the internet bandwidth.

The burning process could be done using any third party disk burning program the user might have. If there’s none, then Bitdefender recommends using InfraRecorder which is free and easy to use. The program needs to load the recovery ISO file and burn it on the disk – that’s all needs to be done. Once the burning is complete, user can boot their PC with this recovery disk selecting disk drive as the boot device from BIOS.

On a USB Storage Media

To create a USB rescue disk, the same ISO file would be necessary. However, instead of a disk burning program, a program that can create bootable USB drives from ISO files would be required this time. Bitdefender recommends Stickifier which is free.

Open the program, select the source file and destination drive and click Next – that’s about it, and the bootable USB drive will be ready.

On a Remote Location

This process is usually complex and should be done via a network administrator. If your network has a – DHCP, TFTP and NFS server along with PXE capable network adapters, then you could avail the service.


For home users, first two methods are recommended. Larger organizations could use the last method based on networks, but expert help is recommended.

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