Use BitDefender Rescue CD for Cleaning up PC

Many security or utility programs offer the option to create a bootable rescue disk or similar sort of stuff for PC optimization and rescue. Usually, the new users of computers fall into wondering what these are, and how important it is to have one. Well, speaking of importance – they are quite important. Not that one’s computer is going to get ruined if they don’t have a disk and the computer crashes, but it is good to have for standing more chance against data crash and system loss. Bitdefender being one of the best antivirus and security program of recent times, offer its users with the scope of creating rescue CDs. Users can avail the features in a much effective way, even though some advanced knowledge in computing would be necessary.

Create a Bitdefender Rescue CD

The rescue disk could either be an actual optical disk like CD, DVD or even a BluRay disk, or some different sort of media storage preferably with USB connectivity. USB flash drives are very much preferred over anything else. The methods for creating a rescue CD and flash drive slightly vary.

            In a CD/DVD

To create a rescue disk, the contents to be written on the disk need to be downloaded at a computer first. They are available in the form of an ISO file on the Bitdefender servers, could be downloaded from this address. Also, any typical CD/DVD burning program should be able to burn an ISO image to a disk. For Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users – they might simply use the Windows Disc Image Burner provided with the OS itself. Bitdefender recommends InfraRecorder.

To create a disk using this program, first put a blank disk into the drive and open the program. Select the downloaded ISO file and select your optical writer to burn the files. It will take few minutes.

            On USB Drive

The same ISO image file could be burned into a USB stick, rather than an optical drive. Bitdefender recommends using Stickifier. By only selecting the source and the destination on the software interface, a bootable rescue disk could be made in only few minutes. However, the drive would be formatted hence it’s suggested to back up all the important data earlier.

How to Clean a PC using Bitdefender Rescue Disk

While booting up your computer, make sure the preferred boot device is either set to the disk drive or the USB ports, depending on which media you are intending to use. If the boot device priority isn’t properly set, the computer would rather boot into the operating system installed on the hard drive.

Once you have properly been able to get into the rescue CD, a graphical interface will launch which almost looks like a typical desktop. Using the on screen icons, one can navigate around the features the rescue disk provides and also the files stored on the computer. Users with prior experience in operating Linux should find the whole thing very flexible.


Bitdefender Rescue Disk makes it way easier to clean the infected files on a computer system in a much efficient way, as the OS doesn’t interfere in the cleaning process. Few YouTube tutorials should speed up the process, if you aren’t comfortable with the idea yet.

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